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Impressions of Pollock

Approaching  art head on, and hands on.

The best way to try to imagine what an artist feels while painting is to paint and through painting, feel. 








Action painting lends itself well to the task. The motion, the gesture, the “controlled” nature of dripping and splattering is a direct release of both paint and emotions. The painting itself is, as Pollock himself said, being inside the painting. It’s easy to understand how this could be taken as meaning both physically and mentally.

The senior class looked at the works of Jackson Pollock and expressed unprejudiced opinions about the art and the artist. Typical responses were “chaos”, “confusion” and “rage”.

But when they were given bottles of paint and were told to create like Pollock, there was at first a moment of silence and then this. A series of drips, flinging of paint, circular swirling as they walked around the artwork.

And the emotional content? Look for yourself.

 But perhaps the one comment that sums it all up “I love this”.


CLIL PROJECT “Art and English” – senior class 2014-2015

Designed by

Elisa Medici (Art History)

and Christine Di Staola (Art, American English)

Looking For Talent III